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Abigail Barry Art

Discover the extraordinary world of art created by a Savant Artist who defied all odds to become a masterful painter. Immerse yourself in unique and captivating artworks that tell a story of resilience, uniquness and creativity.

About Me 

I am a housebound mother of two whom gained amazing skills only after receiving devastating news of invisible illnesses that had plagued me for years, including but not limited to hypothyroidism and brain tumours.

These illnesses are now treated systematically, the tumours are benign, I am unable to be operated on, and I still suffer ongoing symptoms from many of my illnesses. 

The trauma has caused such amazing talent, that still astounds me, it has helped me live my 'new life' with positivity and motivation, thankfully! as otherwise everything I hold dear had been taken away from me. 

I try to be Positive to all those around to help them and in turn this helps me lead a fullfilling life.


Abigail loves to be given ideas for her Artwork

Transform your vision into a stunning unique masterpiece with a custom painting created just for you. Whether it's a portrait, landscape, or abstract piece, Abigail will capture the essence of your idea.

Abigail specialises in bright and colourful pieces, that make you smile, Her favourites being to paint animals and portraits. 

Custom Paintings

Commissioned Artwork

Elevate your space with a one-of-a-kind commissioned artwork that reflects your unique style and personality. Various sized Artwork to personalized decor, Abigail will bring your vision to life, as only she knows how.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a custom painting?

The time to complete a custom painting varies depending on the complexity and size of the piece, typically ranging from 1-5 weeks.

What materials do you use for commissioned artwork?

I primarily use pencil, high-quality acrylic, watercolour and professional pen paints, as well as various mixed media, to create commissioned artwork tailored to your preferences.

“Abigail's art has brought so much joy and inspiration into my life. Her unique perspective and incredible talent shine through in every piece. I am truly grateful to have her art gracing my home.”

— Sophie Johnson

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Get in touch to discuss your artistic needs and discover the perfect piece for your home or business.


Herne Bay, England, United Kingdom

About us

ABIGAIL BARRY ART is a testament to the power of resilience and the limitless potential of the human spirit. After experiencing a life-changing brain trauma, Abigail discovered an innate talent for painting and has since dedicated herself to sharing her extraordinary gift with the world. Each artwork is a testament to strength, beauty, and the boundless possibilities of creativity.

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