Being over 20 stone myself - I feel i can paint my ladies without prejudice 

I have gone from a size 12 to a size 30 - and - having gone through all the Emotions - 

I am NOW Happy to BE WHO I AM 

I am unable to lose the weight due to my Brain Tumours causing my body to think it is Famine Mode -

On top of that - MyThyroid Gland does not work

I am unable to Exercise due to the fact - that when i do - my brain just STOPS -

I am unable to even walk - one step at a time - upstairs - without my head causing immense pain and going giddy 

So - Why beat myself up over the fact im FAT - ?? = Instead - Embrace and BE FABULOUS !!! 

I also believe that AGE is NOT a way of life - but a feeling - so ACT YOUR SHOESIZE !!! - NOT YOUR AGE !!! ;) 

So - This is How i paint my ladies !!!